La Mancha Oak smoke Type 058997 H1004

Cremanto Type 058331F806


 Cremanto Black Type 058393 F809

 Slate Colourful Type 058218 F255

MarmoLata Type. 058300F805

Valley Oak Smoke Type. 059024H1002 


Northern oak light Type 058043 H2725

Walnut La Plaz  Type058 874 H2678


vintage Acacia Type 058904 H2643



Thanks to reduced swelling behaviour, Egger aqua+ laminate flooring is significantly more resistant to water impact and thus suitable for new applications. The floor covering are more resistant to moisture by a factor of 5 compared to classic laminate flooring. The perfect floor with tht latest wood design creates a perfect setting in your own bathroom.


  • Moisture-resistant laminate flooring
  • Easy to care for with the steam cleaner
  • Hygienically clean
  • Waterproof skirtings in matching decor
  • Floating and flexible installation with UNI fit! , without sealing glue