Kingsmead Carpet


All our British Wool products are 80/20 twist piles available in 4m and 5m allowing you the flexibility and choice in a variety of colours. From calm neutrals to vibrant bolds, we have a carpet to suit any room and style at an affordable price.

Our exciting new WOW (Wool Owners Warranty) initiative allows all our wool carpets to carry a warranty to ensure that they look as clean as the day they were fitted.

If you are after a luxurious feel, try our Luxurious Saxonies, the long pile provides a soft and sumptuous feeling underfoot which are easy to clean and feature our “Everlon” polypropylene fibre.

Carpets To Suit Any Room

100% Wool

50% Wool / 50% Polypropylene

80% Wool / 20% Polypropylene

100% Polypropylene