Wood Flooring Underlay

Quick Therm Underylay

Quick therm vapour feature our unique perforated design and ultra low tog value of just 0.303, so it helps your underfloor heating system work at its best to keep you lovely and warm !!                                                                                                                                It also has a built in vapour barrier with overlpa to stop mosisture rising up from the sub-floor- protecting y our floor covering and keeping your room damp-free.                                                                                                                                                            Dust free installation means QuickTherm Vapour's Clean and easy to work with  and there less cleaning up afterwards.                                                                                                                                                                                                    100 % recyclable PE foam makes this underlay particularly eco-friendly and kinder to the environment.

Why Underlay is important in Carpet Installation ?

A quality underlay is the secret to making a carpet feel, look and age better. You should always look to replace the two together because the right underlay will …

Underlay will make your new carpet feel more comfortable. You might think you’re sinking your toes into your carpet. Actually, most of the cushioned feeling you’re enjoying is the give in your underlay.

Underlay will make your carpet look better for longer. Consider underlay as a kind of suspension for your carpet.

Without it, every step you take or bit of furniture you put on your carpet will press the fibres straight into the hard floor, causing them to flatten. A good underlay will absorb this damage and can keep your carpet looking new for years.

Underlay will insulate your home and can save you money. Think of your underlay as an extra layer of cosiness. It helps to keep warm air in your rooms and can stop draughts coming through the floorboards. With better insulation, you can turn your thermostat down and spend less on heating.

Underlay will help make yours a quiet home. The thud of feet and the scrape of furniture moving on the floor will be softened by a decent underlay.

Choose your new underlay with a specialist’s advice

When you choose Floor Design studio for carpets, you’ll get a choice of six different polyurethane (PU) foam underlays. PU underlays have a well-earned reputation for being comfortable while helping your carpet keep hold of its brand-new look.