Designed to give the opulent look of classic geometric tiles, the Heritage Collection features striking monochrome designs to beautifully blended traditional patterns. The collection reflects both the classic elegance of historic homes and the boldness of contemporary trends. Ideal for recreating the original character of elegant period interiors or for a contemporary statement look, the collection features a tasteful mix of shades that can be used to create a totally individual look.

Montpellier MONT-01
Clifton CLIF-01
Montpellier MONT-05
Clifton CLIF-03
Clifton CLIF-02
Mayfair MAYF-02
Montpellier MONT-07
Clifton CLIF-04
Montpellier MONT-06
Lansdown LANS-02
Montpellier MONT-08
Mayfair MAYF-01
Montpellier MONT-04
Montpellier MONT-03
Lansdown LANS-03
Lansdown LANS-04
Lansdown LANS-01
Mayfair MAYF-01